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Tasks and Responsibilities of a Cosmetology Instructor

Tasks of a Cosmetology Instructor

A career as cosmetology instructor is a great opportunity for people who wish to prepare students to become cosmetologists. They provide students with a solid educational background along the courses on all the aspects of hair and nail care services.

They develop lesson plans using their creativity and teach a variety of courses using many different teaching techniques.

They instruct students on how to perform beauty services such as haircuts, hair treatments, hairstyles, manicures, pedicures, makeup applications, etc. Doll heads and mannequins are often the materials used to demonstrate how to perform proper techniques.

Cosmetology instructors also provide advice(personal and educational) to students regarding their career options. They provide students with many different resources to foster success in the cosmetology field.

Here are some responsibilities that cosmetology instructors must to consider:

A. Instructional Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and submit current course syllabi to the department chair.
  • Inform students of course objectives, learning outcomes and requirements (practical operations, theory requirements, exams, written work, field trips, etc.).
  • Define grading policy at start of course and stand by it.
  • Present course content according to planned schedule and course outline.
  • Display knowledge of cosmetology, esthetics, manicuring, and salon management.
  • Present material according to State Board theoretical and performance criteria for cosmetologists, estheticians and manicurists.
  • Display interest in student mastery of course content.
  • Speak clearly; communicate effectively.
  • Encourage student participation and questions.
  • Display respect for students.
  • Enforce SBCC and Cosmetology Academy rules and regulations fairly and consistently.
  • Manage assignments and tests that are consistent with course objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Return graded materials promptly.
  • Maintain accurate records of students' grades and attendance hours.
  • Inform students of progress and standing in class.

B. Related Instructional Responsibilities:

  • Explain questions regarding course objectives, learning outcomes and content and assists students with comprehending instructional material.
  • Assist students in evaluating their potential for success in the field of cosmetology.
  • Share information regarding employment opportunities in Cosmetology.
  • Refer student to appropriate College resources for information or further counseling, as necessary.
  • Submit records of attendance, grades and other reports to designated campus offices on time.
  • Contribute in departmental selection of textbooks, supplies, equipment and other instructional support materials.
  • Contribute in the evaluation of existing departmental courses and the development of new departmental offerings
  • Assist in development of departmental information for the College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes.

C. Other Professional/Academic Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to work schedule outlined by annual contract.
  • Inform absences according to College protocol.
  • Attend scheduled faculty and department meetings.
  • Contribute in establishing goals, curriculum planning and evaluation for assigned area.
  • Assist in recruitment of students, as appropriate to area of instruction.
  • Contribute in recruitment, selection and orientation of new staff in department or area.