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Hair Color Specialist

Hair Color Specialist

Are you looking for a new hairstyle that renews your image or gives you a younger look? Do you think to need more than just common hair color? If so don't worry; a Hair Color Specialist can tailor the look that's right for you. In fashion, a Hair Color Specialist is a Hair Stylist that specializes in coloring hair.

Hair Color Specialists generate the latest color effects that are right for you and your lifestyle. They can resolve any color trouble, using the finest hair products and the most advanced procedures to keep your hair healthy. A Hair Color Specialist will generally always be able to help a customer choice the hair color that is most natural. Additionally, a Hair Color Specialist will be able to make sure that the customer's hair is healthy enough to accept hair dye, and that he or she won't finish up with brassy, unnatural tones, or orange hair. A customer will definitely not be contented with severely damaged hair that could easily have been avoided.

Hair Color Specialists have several opportunities to reach their creative pinnacles. Fitting styles and colors to meet the needs of customers with different types of hair, skin tones, facial shapes, personalities, and professions keep the hair coloring as a challenging but satisfying occupation.


Most personal care corporations and other employers require that hair color specialists have concluded a course of training at a beauty school before becoming eligible for employment. Hair Color Specialists should also conclude necessary certification requirements according to state specifications. In addition to training, Hair Color Specialists must have good communication skills in order to build relationship with their customer base. It is important for Hair Color Specialists to understand what a particular customer wants with his or her hairstyle. A misinterpretation can easily result in a discontented customer and a terrible reputation.

The requirement of each state as for the amount of hours required to complete a beauty program varies, but the average ranges between 1,400 and 1,600 hours. The minimum requirement is around 1,000 hours and the maximum is 2,000 hours.

Employment Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for hair stylists is estimated to grow faster than the national average for all jobs in the United States. The primary reason for faster growing is the increase in population and the demand for personal care services.

Hair Color Specialists may work in an outsized salon, where it is his or her individual purpose to help clientele select a hair color, and to style that hair color properly. Hair Color Specialists might also work in a minor salon where they perform other hair services as well, such as haircuts or perms. Either type of Hair Color Specialist will be able to do a good job in coloring hair.


A Hair Color Specialist performs:
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Color Correction
  • New Color Concepts
  • Create Complimentary Colors For Their Clients
  • And More

Salary Potential

According to recent statistics the salary Hair Color Specialists range between $42,000 and $46,000. Having this area of expertise allows these types of professionals to work in an assortment of locations.

Enjoying the independence to mix and join varying colors to create new trends or designs keeps these professionals on the artistic margin of their technique.

Prices of Hair Coloring Treatment

This is a list with approximate prices for a hair color treatment:

Type Price
Single Process $100-$120
Double Process (bleach & toner) $140-$200
Partial Highlights $130-$175
Full Highlights (short) $150-$200
Full Highlights (long) $200-$300
Dimesional blondes $175-$250
Multi-shaded brunettes $150-$250
Multi-shaded reds $150-$250
Special effects coloring $120-$250
Color or conditioning glaze $50-$100
Deep conditioning treatment $25-$50