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Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Suppose having a fun, high-paying occupation that lets you apply your creativity to make people look good. Would not it be fantastic? Sure, we are referring to the Makeup Artist career.

As a Makeup Artist you will have the pleasure of making your vision a reality.

A Makeup Artist isn't just someone who knows what shade of lipstick to apply but creates incredible designs with the skin by using complementary colors to highlight and define the best characteristics of their clients skin tone, face shape and facial aspects. They usually are aware of past and present tendencies and be up to date in specialized fields like special effects Makeup Artistry.

A Makeup Artist is closely involved in the most essential and exciting events of people's lives, from weddings to the Academy Awards. Makeup Artists get to work with celebrities such as models, actors, politicians, and musicians.

Areas of proficiency

  • Make up for Fashion. It is applied in magazine photography as well as on the fashion runway. This area of makeup design is habitually highly stylized and is usually focused on making the model or actor look as gorgeous as possible.
  • Make up for Television. It utilizes a variety of methods for different formats. Methods for news presenters highlight individual features, at the same time as techniques for dramas or soaps differ from highly stylized to natural, and may include special effects for certain programmers.
  • Make up for Theatrical. It is applied as a method in conjunction with theater lighting to highlight the actors' faces in order make expressions visible to the spectators from moderate distances. This often includes defining eyes and lips and the highlights and lowlights of the facial bones.
  • Make up for High Definition. This approach for filming proposes a new challenge to Makeup Artists. Because of the extremely sharp resolution of the filming technique, it is necesary a new level of coverage that minimizes the flaws on a person's face.
  • Make up for Special Effects.
  • The application of special effects make-up can be found in all possible areas of make-up and comprises all blood and gore make-up methods as well as fantasy make-up and the use of prosthetics. This area often becomes a much more complex process as plaster casting and other crafts are needed to finish the make-up.


There are several ways you can study a Makeup Artist career. For instance, you can take courses at a beauty school or choose a distance Makeup course. After that you will get the experience you want as soon as you start applying what you have learnt.

As makeup artists, graduates make exclusive contributions to society, art and culture.

Employment Outlook

A Makeup Artist opens several job opportunities in movies, salon, spa, magazines and events. As more and more people start taking their personal look seriously, the role of the Makeup Artist has also become more important, as many cosmetics corporations also like to tie up with Makeup Artists to sell their products.

As a Makeup Artist you will have a satisfying employment with flexible hours. If you begin your own business as a freelance Makeup Artist you will relish the freedom of being your own boss. Top Makeup Artists obtain remunerated hundreds or thousands of dollars a day for their services. You can also be invited to parties, have admission to trendy restaurants and clubs, or meet celebrities you admire.

Salary Potential

A Makeup Artist can ensure a well-paying position in the modeling and photography world, when one has acquired a plenty reputation and skill set. Proficiency, as with any art form is subjective, however the typical Makeup Artist is judged on the ability to display a face to its full potential (as most wanted by the director or photographer) as well as set up a working relationship with the actor, photographer or person being worked on.