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Nail Artist

Nail Artist

Nail Artist s are professionals that posses knowledge of the nails, take care and provide beauty treatment through the use of tools, know hand and foot massage techniques and advise clients about nail care products. They also perform rejuvenating tendencies for skin and application of polish for innovative nail art designs to improve the appearance and condition of their clients' nails such as:
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Natural Nail Manicures
  • Artificial Nail Applications
  • Gels, Wraps, and Acrylic Appliances
  • Creative Nail Art
The average time to work a Nail Artist is 40 hours a week. Besides health and safety are important parts of work, for that reason nail artists use tools under strict hygiene procedures to prevent infections and damages to their clients.

As nail artists interact with clients, they require the following skills and knowledge to have a high public contact:
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Organization and methodical approach
  • Knowledge of fashion trends
  • Customer services

Training and Licensing

Nail Artists do courses about nail products and techniques, and they also read trade magazines and newsletters, and attend trade shows and exhibitions that is why nail artists are educated in the health, care and trimming of human fingernails and toenails, application of colors, nail cutting techniques and styles. They also perform manicures, pedicures and supplementary nail styling procedures.

Nail artists must get a certificate upon completing a program or coursework, for that reason most nail artists hold a professional license and a safety and hygiene certification so salons and spas hire nail artists with certification to provide the best possible experience to their clients.


Nail artists perform the following tasks:
  • Use gel and acrylic nail improvements and extensions
  • Perform manicures and pedicures
  • Use electrical equipment for nails
  • Apply attractive and airbrushed nail art
  • Perform financial transactions
  • Perform reception duties, e.g. receive bookings and arrange appointments
  • Perform routine housekeeping duties
  • Maintain customer records
  • Provide guidance on and sell nail products.

Employment Outlook

People invest in their personal care for that reason the need of nail artists is on the rise that means the job demand will continue as more facilities hire. Besides more salons and spas are adding nail services to their list so it means a positive trend.

Salary Potential

Keep in mind, experience plays an important role in the salary of nail artists, but also it depends on geographical location, and the type of facility; for example, luxury spas pay higher salaries than inexpensive standalone store. Jobs in spas are more competitive but they demand more experience. In some salons or spas workers receive benefits such as including medical coverage and paid vacation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, average wage of a nail artist is $14.71 per hour and $30,600 per year. The table below presents information about the top paying industries for this occupation:

Industry Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Offices of Physicians $14.49 $30,150
Other Amusement and Recreation Industries $13.61 $28,320
Traveler Accommodation $13.18 $27,410
Offices of Other Health Practitioners $11.84 $24,630
Local Government (OES Designation) $11.81 $24,560

The list below presents information about the top paying states for this occupation:

State Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Iowa $15.76 $32,770
Vermont $15.23 $31,670
Tennessee $14.78 $30,740
North Dakota $13.86 $28,830
Oregon $13.76 $28,620