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Platform Artist

Platform Artist

A platform artist is one of the most fascinating jobs in the field of cosmetology. If you'd love to be a cosmetologist who moves from coast to coast and internationally showing off your skills in front of spectators in order to sell the various products you are demonstrating, realize this dream by training hard and developing stage presence and a winning smile.

A platform artist is also an educator on stage that demonstrates and explains to aspirants for stylists how to cut new styles and perform different color techniques. If you are really interested in a wonderful career in cosmetology, this may be an area for you to consider.

Some areas of platform artistry concentrate on business-building in the beauty industry. Trade shows, salon software corporations and beauty schools employ business platform artists to teach people how to sell their products. Having a cosmetology license can help you in possessing your own salon or managing a salon, but if you have the business sense and personality to teach others the art of the sale, there is also a site for platform artistry in the sales end of cosmetology.

All the corporations have education/schools of their own that you attend and must pass their examination to be certified for that company. It is an extraordinary path. You learn beyond your outlook and it is fun.

Putting effort, perseverance and time, you can become one of the leading platform artists in great demand and earn considerable money. Select a corporation whose products you really like and contact them about their programs for educators. You can have a goal for yourself.

Find your creative and business opportunity with one of the many corporations who employ platform artists.

Employment Outlook

Most times platform artists work for big corporations. Some work full time, many work part time besides their full time employments.

As a platform artist, you'll most likely work in a salon full-time and do platform work on a freelance base. You'll travel quite repeatedly to perform at high profile events such as conferences, conventions, hair shows, advanced training centers, corporate events, and any other hair industry function imaginable. Each presentation is different; some presentations are designed to promote a product or a technique and others are designed for the simple purpose of getting others in the industry excited in general. The more the spectators love your presentation, the more pleasure you'll generate about the corporation you work for and for your individual work as well.

If you are not working behind the chair or performing, you'll need to attend continuing education classes, jump at every chance to learn new techniques, and actively work to bulk up your achievements to build an incredible resume. Platform artists are expected to always expand their experience, knowledge and abilities, and have a jaw-dropping portfolio to prove it.

Salary potential

The salary potential for platform artists varies between $600-$800 per day (plus travel costs) depending on their methodological and presentation skills as well as their status. While the occupation of platform artists is very rarely full-time, some top platform artists in the country make an income in the high six-figure range while others who don't perform as repeatedly or who are lesser-known will make substantially less.

What do I need to become a Platform Artist?

You'll need:
  • A few years of proven success
  • A high level of confidence
  • Strong sales skills
  • Flawless technical ability and a contribution for educating
  • Performing and public speaking.
Most platform artists get their start as educators contracted part-time by product or supply corporations to go into salons and educate stylists on the use of their products. If they excel at this task, they may be given the opportunity to become part of a Design Team.

Tips for work as a Platform Artist

Platform Artists frequently work at a salon as well, working weekends or part time as a platform artist. A Platform Artist also demonstrates a professional presence and must be comfortable in front of people in addition to showing their creativity as they carry out hair and makeup trends. We give some tips for achieving your goals:
  • Identify and contact the corporation for which you would like to work.
  • Talk to the representatives at the next trade event you attend.
  • Have a resume and portfolio of your work to show off if you get the chance to speak to the right person.
  • Demonstrate a sparkling personality
  • Remember that the ability to travel is a requirement. Travel and costs will be covered by your corporation.