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Salon Manager

Salon Manager

Are you a self-starter with natural leadership talents? Why not consider a career as a Salon Manager? The Salon Manager Career is perfect for those aspiring to be a Salon Manager one day. More so if you are you have a long history of working in the beauty and leisure sector.

If you think that Salon Manager Career is made for you, you will need to be ready to develop strategies to improve services, increase productivity and foster an environment that is beneficial to both customer and staff satisfaction.

As a Salon Manager, you will go a long way toward background the right approach if you focus on three key areas: communication, organization and marketing.

Whatever the size of the salon or spa, it must function as a team. As the head of this team, a great Salon Manager maintains an open line of communication with the team. A suggestion is that you have to let the team feel like they can come to you with issues and concerns. Be a good listener and advise solutions as quick as you can. Good communication can go a long way toward handling the usual troubles that face every Salon Manager.

A huge part of a successful salon is good management and organization. Make sure that you and your team are current on courses, continuing education, and state licenses.


There are beauty schools that provide business and marketing programs to instruct students for a gratifying environment, training them for a career as a Manager. Many cosmetologists work in this field or operate their own salon to gain more confidence and learn the industry inside and out before they move into a management responsibility.

Employment Outlook

Salon manager employments can be both challenging and gratifying. If you'll focus on communication, organization and marketing, you'll be heading in the right direction. With more than 400,000 salons in the U.S., outlook for salon and spa mangers are plentiful. From chain and licensed salons to boutiques and day spas, there has never been a better time to apply to this sector.

On this page you will find a professionally designed manager resume examples that can be used to create an interview winning CV.


A Salon Manager not only perform professional hair care services and promote hair care products, she or he also assists in managing the day-to-day salon operations functions that includes activities to achieve projected sales goals.
  1. The Salon Manager is responsible to:
    • Manage daily operations of the salon
    • Ensure productivity
    • Client satisfaction
    • Maintain efficiently operating methods
    • Develop plan and holding salon staff meetings
    • Record inventory information
    • Complete day-to-day report to document financials.
  2. Assistants of Salon Manager are responsible to maintain all salon controllables such as:
    • Payroll, overhead, paid outs,
    • Overages, deposits, supply costs,
    • Inventory counts, and
    • Ensure that company policies and procedures are followed.

Salary Potential

The salary potential for a Salon Manager is about $30,000. The Salon Manager salaries can fluctuate greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.