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Salon Owner

Salon Owner

Another career opportunity that has a focus on cosmetology is that of a beauty salon owner or beauty salon spa owner- salon owners are ultimately responsible for the financing of the business.

Sincerely, there is a very small distinction between a beauty salon and a beauty salon spa. Both offer trendy services like hair care, nail care, makeup application, and tanning, but beauty salon spas also have a focus on many spa treatments, like massage treatments, acupuncture, and so forth. Getting your own beauty salon or beauty salon spa up and running can be a little bit complicated and expensive, but as more men and women are deciding to spoil themselves, it is a business endeavor that may bring you profits.

Possess your own beauty salon can be lucrative, but it often takes moderately a bit of money, hard work, and determination to get started. If you would still like to work at a beauty salon, but you don't want to begin your own business, you can still do so. Each year in the United States, thousands of new beauty salons open for business and many more decide to rent new employees. If you have expertise working for a beauty salon or if you attended beauty school, even if it was just a locally offered training course, you stand a good possibility of being hired as an employee at a beauty salon.

Employment Outlook

According to the 2009 Job Demand Report from NACCAS, there are very real opportunities available for cosmetology professionals to begin their own business.

Salon Owner is the unique career where there are so many opportunities to run your own business. Salon or spa possession allows you to put in practice your creativity, have a flexibility in your personal life and work schedule, and achieve a healthy income.

Tips to Become a Salon Owner

To become a Salon Owner, you should have:
  • Proper Certifications: Most states will need you to be a licensed cosmetologist yourself if you want to have your own salon.
  • Your Own Salon: This is a great idea that you can establish your salon by using an already-existing name. The start-up cost for a salon usually range from $30,000 to $50,000(anywhere). That generally includes important things such as equipment, insurance, licenses, maintenance and repairs.
  • Business Background: It will be a good help, if you take a few colleges courses in business management and/or accounting.
  • Location: The location you are selecting for your salon will determine the overall success of it.

Salary Potential

Most Salon Owners start out as Hair Stylists. While a top stylist may earn a $30,000 salary, a hair salon owner can eventually earn $100,000 or more. Salon Owners also make money selling products. During the course of the day, an owner will know which customers will benefit from which products and who might be running low on what.