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Beauty Job Salary

Cosmetology Salaries

Cosmetologists (also known as beauty operators, hairdressers, or beauticians) provide hair care and appearance services to improve the look of the clients. They perform a variety of beauty services such as hair styling, makeup and cutting, manicuring, coloring, styling, cutting and shampooing of hair, etc. They can also be trained in scalp, pedicures, manicures and facial treatments. In order to be compensated for their experience level, cosmetologists complete a proper training from a recognized institution to get their licenses and work in the beauty industry, but some requirements can vary between states.

Cosmetologists work in beauty salons, unisex shops, barbershops, department stores, while many others work in salon or spa settings, hospitals, nursing homes, resorts, and hotels. However, many of them have their own businesses and they are self-employed. Become self-employed could be considered a wise career choice; so the median salary range for self-employed cosmetologists is higher than the salary range for other employers. And, if you are planning to be self-employed communication and business skills are very important.

Cosmetologists commonly work for about forty hours a week. They are regularly required to work in the evenings and on weekends that is the moment when clients find time to go to a cosmetologist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary is around $7.86 to $19.97 per hour, and $16,350.00 to $41,540.00 per year. Besides the job outlook for this field is very favorable, so there are employment opportunities for the next few years. Cosmetologist salary can vary greatly for different factors such as:
  • The worked hours and the size of salon as well as the area in which is located.
  • The tipping habits of clients, and competition from other salons and shops.
  • The cosmetologist's ability to maintain regular clients.
  • The status of the salon brings more clients.
Take into account, cosmetologists, and other personal appearance workers receive commissions and bonuses for different aspects, such as: The price of the service or hours worked and the products they sell. On the other hand, a large source of income for the cosmetologist is received through tips. In the table below you can find information about the Top paying industries for this occupation:

Industry Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers $15.61 $32,480
Death Care Services $15.56 $32,360
Other Amusement and Recreation Industries $14.93 $31,060
State Government (OES Designation) $14.81 $30,800
Offices of Physicians $14.77 $30,710

In the table below you will find information about the top paying states for this occupation:


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

District of Columbia $18.11 $37,680
Hawaii $16.58 $34,490
Washington $16.19 $33,680
Vermont $14.98 $31,150
South Carolina $14.90 $31,000

If you are searching for salary comparison to calculator your results, will give you a list of websites that provide little more than a calculator that will generate a total wage after deductions of tax etc. but these sites rarely provide actual comparisons of any sort. There is however one salary comparision that offers exactly what this article relates to. The website also includes detailed information of minimum wages by state. Not all states in the US are reflected on the website but the vast majority of states is included.

Beauty Salaries by Metropolitan Area

Popular places for beauticians include Punta Gorda (Florida), Naples (Florida), and Camden (New Jersey). Fewer are found in Dallas (Texas), Portland (Oregon), and Fort Worth (Texas). Workers looking for high salaries should look at Durham (North Carolina), Wichita (Kansas), and Bethesda (Maryland), and should avoid Denver (Colorado), Kansas City (Missouri), and Warren (Michigan). Below we listed the Median Salary of beauticians by Metropolitan Area (city and its surroundings).

A Job Density around 0% means that the area has an average number of people in this occupation, for its population. A higher or lower Job Density (e.g., +22% or -45%) tells you that there are many more or fewer workers of that type there than in the average US metro area. So, the larger the number the greater the occupation.


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Fort Lauderdale $22,000 340 +64%
Miami $23,000 590 +110%
Naples $24,000 180 +464%
Orlando $24,000 380 +28%
Punta Gorda $23,000 90 +847%
Sarasota $27,000 160 +121%
Tampa $19,000 720 +109%
West Palm Beach $20,000 440 +191%

New Jersey

City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Camden $24,000 770 +416%
Edison $29,000 1,360 +365%
Newark $23,000 830 +190%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Dallas $21,000 220 -63%
Fort Worth $24,000 30 -88%
Houston $21,000 640 -13%
San Antonio $17,000 750 +215%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Portland $33,000 60 -80%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Wichita $31,000 40 -53%

North Carolina

City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Charlotte $25,000 110 -56%
Durham $32,000 60 -21%
Raleigh $25,000 80 -44%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Denver $19,000 500 +41%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Kansas City $20,000 160 -45%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Baltimore $28,000 920 +148%
Bethesda $28,000 430 +167%


City and Area Median Salary Employees Job Density
Ann Arbor $23,000 50 +12%
Detroit $22,000 220 +10%
Warren $20,000 390 +19%

Beauty Salaries by Career

The beauty salaries can vary depending on a number of factors. Below we offer a rough approximation of what you can expect to earn in an assortment of spa and cosmetology careers.
Career Median Salary Range
Cosmetologist $30,000 - $50,000 including tips
Esthetician $30,000 - $50,000
Hair Stylist $30,000 - $50,000 including tips
Make-Up Artist $30,000 - $50,000 including tips
Nail Technician $12,000 - $32,000 showing part-time work
Massage Therapist $10,000 - $60,000
Spa Therapist $10,000 - $60,000
Barber $15,000 - $30,000
Electrologist $25,000 - $50,000
Personal Fitness Trainer $17,400 - $40,000