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Hair Design

Hair Design

If you feel you have a creative style and you like working with people, Hair Design Program could be the right career path for you. Hair Design Program increase your creativity, with it you will learn of concepts of hair texture and how to create the perfect hair cut or style for your customers.

Hair Design Professionals keep a tidy workspace and personal look. Given that those in the beauty industry work with customers all day, interpersonal skills and attitude are significant factors in advancement. So that, to be successful as a Hair Design Professional, you will need to:
  • Increase and pertain a wide range of hairstyling skills
  • Keep up with tendencies in hair design and fashion
  • Uphold high standards of sanitation, health and safety
  • Verbalize well with customers to understand exactly what they want
  • Work with all kinds of hair and all types of behaviors
  • Keep your own look professional and well-groomed


The program includes classroom instruction and the opportunity to achieve proficiencies with hands on experiences. It includes about 1000 Hours.

Many people in this field work 40 or more hours per week with work schedules that include weekend and evening hours.

Job opportunities

The occupational position for Hair Design Programs is very promising. The salon industry goes on growing and keeping on employing large numbers of professionals. The majority of these employees are working in beauty salons, but they are also found in nursing homes and in department and cosmetics stores. About half are self-employed.

Hair Design Professionals are working all over the United States in all types of salons. Presently the top cities for aspiring Hair Design Professionals to find work are located in the Midwest. Wichita, Kansas and Arlington, Texas are coupled for the most openings. Those who desire cities a little further to the west should look for work in Phoenix, Arizona or Boise, Idaho. Those who desire cities to the east will find work in Asbury Park, New Jersey or Long Island, New York.

Many placement counselors of beauty schools work closely with the graduates to place them in the beauty Industry. For more information contact with one of schools you chose.


According to The NACCAS and the United States Department of Labor, the average salon salary, including tips, are $30,000 to $50,000 a year. There are many aspects that may influence your salary, these include: the size and location of the salon where you work, hours worked, tipping habits of your customers and competition from other salons in your state. Developing loyal consumers is the means to maximizing your earnings.

Some companies provide paid vacations and medical benefits in order to attract the best talent.

Financial Aid

The most of beauty schools offer financial assistance to students who are eligible and qualify. The Financial Aid Department can assist you in determining your eligibility and which types of financial aid may be available to you. The counselors will also be there to help you with the entire application process.

The Financial Aid Department works with a variety of State and Federal agencies and lending institutions and can assist you in applying for diverse grants and loans that you may be eligible for, following an assessment of your individual needs.

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