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The term "pedicure" originates from Latin: pedis for "foot", and cura for "care". A pedicure is a beautiful technique that is used to improve the appearance of the feet and nails. It is similar to a manicure service. It is also known as the feet and toenails care.

A pedicure can help avert nail infections and nail disorders. Pedicures are not just restricted to nails; regularly dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are erased using a rough stone called a pumice stone. Furthermore, leg care below the knee became a common and now expected service included in pedicures. Leg care includes a depilatory via either shaving or waxing pursued by granular exfoliation, moisturizing creams, and a brief leg massage. If you have some blood clot we recommend you should abstain from leg massage, it could be very risk.

The most of beauty schools that offer pedicure program gives you the confidence and skills you need to excel in the cosmetology industry. After finishing the Pedicure Program, you should receive:
  • A Pedicure Diploma
  • A Waxing Certificate
This additional certificate provides you with the additional skills and knowledge to carry out waxing services in salons and spas.

Types of pedicure

There are lots of treatments of feet available in spas. Below recommend some of them:
  • French pedicure: this classic pedicure comprises expensive, long-lasting nail burnish for the cosmopolitan lady, whitens the tip and squares off the nail
  • Intensive paraffin wax: this pedicure comprises warm wax being rubbed into your nails, feet and lower legs to moisturize and soften.
  • Deluxe pedicure: this whole-foot treatment comprises a foot massage, softening paraffin wax and heated towels or a wrap which warms and soothes your feet, and softens and hydrates your nails.
  • Gel pedicure: this is a treatment that employs clear or colored gel, which is bonded to your nails for a long-lasting glossy finish.


16 years of age and grade 11.


Every state has its own requirements for licensing and regulating pedicurists. Most of them require between 300 to 600 school hours, an average of three to six months, this will depend on your district and the depth of instruction you look for. Some states will accept a certain number of learning hours as an alternative to attendance a school, while others will have minimal requirements. So it is very important to understand the laws of your state before you start any profession.

The average time to work a Pedicurist is 34.5 hours a week. This provides more suppleness for either personal time or a supplemental job.

Job opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the pedicure professionals kept around 78,000 jobs as of May 2008, today this has increased. The most of pedicure workers are engaged in the personal care services industry at such places as hair salons, nail salons or day spas. These might also find job at hotels and resorts, department stores or beauty supply stores.

Pedicure professionals might advance their careers by creating loyal customers and by expanding their range of services. Some of them manage salons, open their own shops or move into sales positions.


Annual salary for pedicurists may range from $24,000 to $31,000 not including tips, depending on how many hours you work and how much you charge for services. It also depends on the experience and the clientele you have built.

The fee for a basic pedicure is around $32. Some spas that offer pedicure include aromatic foot soaks, reflexology massage or paraffin wax dips, and the cost for it is around $75. Specialized nail services can also add up to a pleasant pay. A complete set of sculptured acrylic nails varies from $45 to more.


Before going to a salon or spa remember that personal hygiene is the basic concept of cleaning, grooming and care of our bodies. So do not forget to perform a basic cleaning of your feet.
  • >If you have any urgency or hurry, it is better take a pedicure at another time because of it usually lasts between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on what kind of foot treatment you're having.
  • If you have any fungal or other foot infections, it is better for your feet and, honestly, for your psychoanalyst, if you get those treated medically first.
  • If you want a excellent pedicure make sure the person who perform the pedicure is a professional. There are quite strict rules for people performing pedicures. A pedicure should be carried out by a competent nail artistry.
  • If you want to grow as a pedicurist you should be aware of the latest trends, new and current information related to skills, and methods for career enhancement in cosmetology and related fields.

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