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Salon Ownership

Salon Ownership

Suppose you own a fun and financially rewarding business. Would not it be fantastic?

If your plan is to become a Salon Owner, there are many beauty schools that help you in your training. This is the unique career where there are so many opportunities to own your own business. The beauty schools instruct students for a well-formed background, preparing them for a career as a businessman.

The purpose of a Salon Ownership program is to supply students with the essential theoretical information, specialized skills and practical tools necessary for owning their own business. Having an own salon, really is a rewarding business.

In the U.S., female salon owners are among the most successful freelancers in their communities. And no surprise, taking into account how much money American women spend on hair care and beauty needs. Americans spend a predictable $5.7 billion a year in the beauty and barber industry, and women visit the salon an average of 2.5 times a month, data from the research firm Business Trend Analysts Inc./The Leading Edge Group, of Commack, N.Y., show.

Today, many stylists start out either by renting stand space or working on a commission basis in a salon. These professionals who run their own bussiness are in control of their own time and income.

Besides specialized skills like a Salon Ownership, you need to know the bassics of nutrition facts and calories in food to recommend clients what should to intake every day to loss or maintaing weight.


The Salon Management program like the Salon Ownership program provides 2,100 hours of education to the students want to obtain their license as Salon Owners. The program takes 14 months to complete.

Job opportunities

Currently, there are salon spa suites in each city in America. The demand for independent salon ownership is growing. Thus, many real estate companies have decided to invest in new locals for renting them as salons or spas. According to the 2009 Job Demand Report from NACCAS, there are very real opportunities available for beauticians to establish their own business. Whether you start your own or run another.

Salons or spas can all supply consistent monthly income from repeat customers. By giving your clientele a service they like at a good value, and you can have a continual source of repeat clients and recommendations.


According to the United States Department of Labor the Salon Ownership professionals can earn on average $50,000 per year including tips. Much of this depends on whether the employee is paid hourly, salary, contract or commission, and whether they rent a booth and have increased overhead expenditures.

The salary of salon ownership may also rely on the ability of the cosmetology professional to market themselves, upsell products and services, and expand customers and improve consumer loyalty.


At beauty schools, students who want to become salon owners will learn how improve salon profits and cash flow, develop a winning business plan, combat rising business costs and will also learn strategies that can be applied to hire, train, compensate and motivate hairdressers to higher levels of achievement.

What problems are facing news salon owners?

  • How to begin?
  • Write a comprehensive business plan.
  • Write 3 years financial projections.
  • Direction for getting the financing for their business. What they need to take to the bank.
  • Write a strong mission and vision statement to reflect their new business.
  • Write policies and procedure manuals insuring future success.
  • Tips on how to negotiate their rent.
  • Find the best location for their business based on experience from other salon owners.
  • Not know how to fill their salon with stylists and customers.
  • Busy working behind the chair without time management.


  • If you are currently beautician working for someone else, starting your own salon business gives you the autonomy and creativity of being your own boss.
  • If you aren't a beautician yourself, opening a salon lets you own a creative and social business in a largely recession-proof industry. You can start a salon relatively cheaply. For instance, you can choose to start a mobile salon business or, depending on where you live, you may be able to open a salon in your own home. Of course, you also have the option of opening your salon in a retail position.
  • When you open your own salon, you have the comfort of designing the type of salon you want, and providing the types of services you want.
  • The expenses to establish a beauty salon comprise equipment, supplies, styling chairs, signs, insurance, business license, a building lease and advertising. When you are empowering in your business, think about the profits that the investments can potentially bring you - and decide if they are smart investments to make.
  • Build and keep your customers base by being dissimilar from the other beauty salons - offer a mixture of services, an exceptional environment, more convenient hours, special events, etc. Get expert suggestions and guidance from beauty professionals, who already run their own businesses can truly save you lots of time and money with their insight. Simply follow their tips, and your salon can get success in a faster period of time.

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