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MBA Courses

MBA Courses

You may have heard of the importance of an MBA to careers such as marketing, finance and accounting, but did you know that an MBA can advance your beauty career as well - increasing your earnings potential and expanding your skill set? An MBA shows prospective employers that you are a serious candidate and gives you the skills necessary to pursue your own independent beauty career.

How to Advance Your Beauty Career

Studying abroad can further improve your chances of landing your dream beauty job as you gain experience in other cultures and learn new methods at the cutting edge of the fashion and beauty world. As many fashion and beauty brands are global companies, gaining experience in countries where these companies are based will give you a bigger competitive advantage in your job search.

MBA Schools

There are a number of schools worldwide that offer MBA programs. MBA courses are offered at schools in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany as well as many others. Online programs are also available and provide flexibility for those not able to travel abroad for their schooling.

MBA Courses

While researching MBA courses, it's important to understand the type of program you are interested in and will fit with your lifestyle. MBA courses are typically offered with specializations in marketing, accounting, finance, health care, human resources, project or technology management and global management. For individuals with expertise in the business environment, executive MBA programs are also available.

Most programs are typically offered on either a full time (two year) schedule or part time schedule, lasting three years or more. Some programs offer an accelerated MBA in about 18 months with less vacation time and more intense schedules. It's important to keep these options in mind when choosing a program.

MBA Courses Abroad

When considering beauty career advancement, taking MBA courses abroad is a great option to expand your skill set and embrace new cultures and theories. Immersing yourself in cultures where major brands are doing business will help to set you apart from your competition when applying for beauty jobs.

How to Apply

To apply for an MBA program you will need to have completed a Bachelor's degree and have transcripts from your undergrad program or beauty school available. These can be requested easily from your undergraduate institution, and will be handled by the MBA program admissions in many cases. Many MBA programs will also require you to have taken an SAT exam and/or the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Test to measure skill sets and determine eligibility. There are costs involved in registration for these exams so be sure to research when they are available, fees associated and deadlines for application.

The website can help you search for MBA courses, schools and other important information such as housing costs and insurance information if traveling abroad. You can link directly to school's websites to fill out your application and find out about any necessary application requirements.