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Scholarships in beauty Schools

There are numerous scholarships for beauty school and some with special highlighting. If you already enrolled in beauty school, you should check with admissions to see if they offer any scholarships. The beauty scholarship funds are generally paid to the school, and any money remaining after paying for your beauty courses goes back to the student.

At the moment to choose a beauty school, you should consider if it offers scholarships or some kind of financial aid. That could become one of the main factors in deciding where to attend the training. Then, one of your first steps should be looking into beauty school scholarships. Beauty school scholarships can help pay for Beauty School. Although Scholarships may not pay all of the necessary beauty school tuition; the good thing is that the money received does not need to be paid back.

How to Apply For a Beauty School Scholarships

  1. The first step in applying for a beauty school scholarship is to find a beauty school in your geographic area that you would like to attend and see if they offer a scholarship program.
  2. Locate its address and phone number to communicate. If so, call the contact person.
  3. When you call the school you shoul request an appointment to speak with a financial aid officer. Use your pen and paper to write down important notes and items that you will be required to bring to the appointment.
  4. Go to the beauty school and pick up your scholarship application packet and fill out all of the forms.
  5. Make copies of your birth certificate, driver's license, pay stubs, household income sources, bank account statements, proof of assets, high school diploma or GED equivalency and social security card.
  6. Return the completed scholarship application packet along with the required copies to the beauty school.
  7. Wait the callback of financial aid officer to say they have processed your application.
  8. Once your application has been approved, the financial aid officer will inform you how much your scholarship is value. At this time you can immediately start to sign up for classes to begin your program.

Scholarship Resources

  • American Association of Cosmetology Schools Partnering with industry sponsors, The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) offers scholarships and grants to qualified students with several one thousand dollar and smaller awards given out annually.

  • AHBAI Scholarship The American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) offers scholarships specifically to cosmetology students. To date since 1991, the foundation has awarded nearly $500,000 in scholarships.

  • Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship One thousand dollar cosmetology scholarships are offered for students who demonstrate financial need, academic promise and a commitment to cosmetology.

  • John Pelloni Memorial Scholarship Students attending Cerritos College in California can apply for the John Pelloni Memorial Scholarship which awards as much as $400 to eligible students.

  • OPI Scholarship OPI is a leader in nail care and offers scholarships for general Cosmetology and in the Nail Technicians.

  • Model College of Hair Design (MCHD) Based in Saint Cloud, MN, MCHD offers scholarships for up to $2000 to qualified students.

  • Sally Beauty Supply Scholarships Sally Stores is one of the most well known chains when it comes to beauty. Partnering with the National Cosmetology Association, Sally Beauty offers multiple $1000 scholarships annually.

  • Sport Clips Scholarship Sport Clips Scholarship is a scholarship opportunity available through AACS. 25 of these $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year. Only one cosmetology student from each school will be chosen to receive this annual scholarship.

  • TERI TERI (The Education Resource Institute) provides education financing and information services to students and their families.

  • The NCEA Esthetician Scholarship The NCEA Esthetician Scholarship is another type of scholarship opportunity for many students to receive $1,000 each toward their education while meeting certain requirements such as financial circumstances, attendance and maintaining acceptable grades.

  • Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts Makeup Scholarship Six $1,100 scholarships are offered annually to the 6-week Master Makeup Course at the Westmore Academy. Six $1,300 scholarships are also offered annually for the 12-week Makeup for Motion Picture & Television Beauty, Character & Effects Course.